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Atl Drone

Drones in fire fighting

The thermal imaging camera gives a fast overview of the situation and enables us to find humans and hotspots faster. Safe your resources with our solution.
Atl Drone
Innovative drones for reconnaissance
In the event of accidents involving vehicles or people, and in the case of unclear dangerous situations, our drones help to obtain a quicker overview.
Atl Drone
Innovative drones for surveying and inspection
ATL is providing drone service for commercial use based on the latest drone technology. Our focus is on applying precise and efficient mapping, surveying and inspections.
Atl Drone
Assistance in people search
With the support of our thermal imaging camera, we accelerate the search for missing persons.

Our products - newest technology for the best result



Design: Hexacopter
Motors: 6
MTOM: < 9kg
Flight time: 50 minutes
Wind resistance: 15m/s
Application: Surveying, mapping, inspection, safety, rescue


Design: Hexacopter
Motors: 6
MTOM: < 4kg
Flight time: 30 minutes
Wind resistance: 15m/s
Application: Inspection, survey, safety, rescue

Surveying and inspection with high-resolution and thermal imaging camera

What our customers say

Very personal and professional service & quick repair.

Dieter Plagemann, Gasser Gartenbau

Top drone! Met all our expectations!

Max Berner Construction Manager, Samsung AG

The flight training was very good. It quickly provided me with a comprehensive overview in theory and practice and the practical exercises were very good and the trainers were exactly tailored to my needs.

Sebastian H, Surveyor, UAV Pilot, Germany

The H850 is a fantastic drone. The flight behavior has convinced us completely.

K + S road construction, Switzerland

ATL’s solution gave us fast results. We were quickly able to perform our own flights.

Gravel pits B, Germany



Our customers and their projects are at the centre of our attention. After analysing your processes and challenges, we will find the right solution for you. In this way, we ensure that you receive the optimal service to achieve your goals.

About us

Our vision

Our vision is to improve your workflow and facilitate mapping, surveying, inspection, rescue and safety through faster and more accurate data collection using drones.

Our mission

Our team is a bundle of drone experts who are executing the measurement and data analysis.
Our operations though drones significantly improve workflows through high efficient technology. In difficult-to-access and risky areas our solution enables us to measure and inspect with no risk of emploiyee accidents. By doing so, we make a meaningful contribution to our society.
Company headquarters
Schlieren, Schweiz
Year established

This is us

Our team is made up of specialists from diverse fields such as electrical engineers, geodesists and economists. The diverse experience and our flat hierarchy are the optimal mix to get closer to our vision.
Would you like an exclusive to get a demonstration of our drone application?
We will be happy to advise you.