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New: E20PRO Thermal Camera

New: E20PRO Thermal Camera

New: E20PRO Thermal Camera

Price: 5.169,00
incl. VAT
Delivery time:
21 - 25 working days


Our new E20TVX-PRO NETD camera for the H520E & H850 comes in 640×512 resolution and with the ability to
capture temperature data for quantitative assessment. The residual-light RGB camera has a 20x higher sensitivity
than the human eye and captures high-quality imagery, even in very low-light conditions. It is small, lightweight and thanks
to its high sensitivity; it is a reliable tool that clearly recognises target objects in detail.



Thanks to radiometric technology, the E20Tvx can measure the temperature of an area by interpreting the intensity of an infrared signal reaching the camera.
It collects the data for every image pixel, which can be then easily uploaded into standard software for further and accurate analysis and reports.

Thermal image


Key Features:

  • 8x Digital zoom
  • IPX4
  • High sensitivity for clear and detailed target recognition.
  • Detailed and precise temperature measurement for every pixel.
  • Color palettes adjustable to task requirements.
  • Adjustable Gain Modes to change the measured tempreature range.
  • Post-flight accurate analysis with quantifiable data.
  • Suitable for tasks related to Inspection (buildings, solar panels and powerlines), Search and Rescue, Firefighting and Law enforcement.
  • Camera is compatible with H520E & H850
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